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DNA Wealth Partners helps clients who are near or in retirement learn about their options when it comes to protecting the assets they’ve spent a lifetime accumulating. At DNA Wealth Partners, we share the truth and expose details about the financial services industry which are not normally shared with retirement clients. The goal is to help retirees understand how they can get through retirement safely with the lifetime retirement income they will need to support their lifestyle without running out of money.

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At DNA Wealth Partners, We Provide Financial Services For Nearly Every Aspect of Retirement.

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Both Don Spini and Ashley Patterson have extensive backgrounds in retirement benefits for government, state and public employees. They are excited to share their wealth of knowledge when it comes to unique, little-known retirement income strategies which are bringing pension-like scenarios to the public open market.

Don Spini

Managing Partner


Don is a dynamic public speaker who has spoken in front of thousands. A former Los Angeles police officer, he has 31 years of experience in the financial services industry as an executive for national financial institutions. Don has long felt that the process of retirement planning has been made complicated and confusing. Don’s straightforward approach makes retirement income strategies accessible to everyone. What he loves most about his work is seeing the peace of mind people can get when they are on their way to a successful retirement using the strategies he’s uncovered in his career. Don is raising his two girls, Katie and Olivia, in Scottsdale with his fiancé, Logan, who is an attorney.

Ashley Patterson

Managing Partner


Ashley has 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. She comes from a family with a combined 120 years of financial services experience: her father has been an advisor for 35 years, her uncle for 30, and her grandfather for 40 years. Ashley knows from first-hand experience how important it is to generate a reliable monthly income in retirement. She wants everyone to avoid what her grandmother experienced after choosing a “cash-and-stocks” option instead of a pension when she retired from AT&T in 1999—losing 50% of it a year later in the dot.com crash. Raised in Texas, Ashley has homes in Austin, Las Vegas and Scottsdale. She is an animal activist raising two adopted fur babies, Bodhi and Bianca.



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At DNA Wealth Partners, we’re passionate about providing integrity and transparency when it comes to your retirement options. Our focus is on protecting your assets and helping you generate reliable, guaranteed income in retirement. We offer no-obligation, completely free consultations so you can learn more.

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